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Why ‘English votes’ is the wrong response to the Scottish referendum

Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies predicted in 1999 that devolution would prove to be “a process, not an event”, and the aftermath of the Scottish referendum proves again the accuracy of that assessment.

Towards a more sophisticated debate on payday loans

The debate around payday lending in the UK can often seem very black and white. For a long time, when covered in the mainstream press, much focus was put on APR. Over time, however, most have accepted that APR figures are all but meaningless when applied to short-term loans.

How do you Solve a Problem like Fuel Poverty?

The last conference season before the General Election brings with it a flurry of policies, as parties position themselves for the months to come. Top lines spell out top priorities and we see the first glimpses of Governments post-May 2015.

Ebola: WHO is in Charge?

Alphen, Netherlands. 20 October. As EU foreign ministers finally meet to discuss the Ebola epidemic and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf makes a desperate open plea to the world to get its act together the disease is taking hold.

The English Question: A Bluffer’s Guide

Devolution to Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland throws up related questions about the government of England. These fall into two broad kinds: giving England a stronger political voice; and devolving power within England.

Devolution for the UK!

It's coming sometime, maybe. A devolution revolution is taking place across the kingdom. It’s not just Scotland. Manchester is mad for it too. And just about everywhere else.

Devolution for Greater Manchester

Respublica recently published its report calling for Greater Manchester to have control over the £22 billion it spends each year on public services, with accompanying financial flexibilities.

The Future of the United Kingdom is Based on Devolution

The fantastic democratic adventure in Scotland has given us a real opportunity to reform our system of government and to shape the future of the United Kingdom so that it is founded on the principles of union and devolution, rather than on massive over-centralisation. The union party, leaders need to seize the opportunity with a vision and courage that has been lacking so far.

Can we own how devolution affects our area?

Sometimes I get very frustrated by the BBC. Like when it puts rugby league highlights on at 1pm on a Tuesday. Or 3am on a Wednesday. But it's hard to ignore, hard to get away from. Even for those who have made deliberate decisions to avoid a particular media source (such as those angry at The Sun for it's Hillsborough coverage) or whose generational attitudes to media put them at polar opposites of the 'Second hand bookshop-Queuing outside a phone shop at midnight' continuum, the chances are that every week there will be part of the BBC's varied output that enters their consciousness.

The legacy of the Second Baldwin Government

For British Conservatives, this November marks an important milestone in the history of the Conservative Party; the 90th anniversary of the election of the second Conservative administration of Stanley Baldwin.


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