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2.1, 2.2, too much debt: Student loans are turning up the heat on the economy

Graduates generally out-earn those without higher education qualifications over their career and repayment does not start until they earn above the £21,000 threshold. If only it were that simple.

We Need a Stronger Carbon Price to Justify Shale

Much is being written about shale gas, both in its favour and against.  The main controversies concern its impact on the local environmental. Like all big developments, shale gas exploration imposes costs,

Reciprocity: A foundation of financial economics

Both UK and US legislators have highlighted a degradation in commercial ethics as a significant cause of financial crises since 2007.  This might suggest that mathematics has a limited role in addressing the problems the cri

Community power can revolutionise our energy system

Frances Bodman of ClientEarth sets out the legal, regulatory and policy measures needed to realise the potential of community power across Europe

The Sharing Economy: Using Technology to Change the World

Identified by TIME Magazine as ‘one of the 10 Ideas that will change the world’, hailed

The explosive growth in medical tourism

Medical tourism, when people travel to another country to obtain medical treatment, is not a new concept. The first record of medical tourism dates back thousands of years to when pilgrims travelled to the Saronic Gulf in Greece.

Can our generation save rural heritage in Europe?

This year FRH Europe’s international conference is on the subject of rural historic churches, synagogues, chapels and other places of worship and their relevance to 21 Crispin Truman
Queen’s Speech 2014: Will the Transparency Reforms really bring more control and greater scrutiny?

The nature of company ownership can be a murky business. Obscure structures and impenetrable trails of paperwork can often keep the public in the dark over who’s really in charge of the 3 million firms registered in the UK.


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Gas Is Our Ally: Why the gas revolution can help fight climate change

A high level event with the Minister for Energy, Rt Hon Greg Barker MP; 30th June 2014

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