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Empowering communities via complementary currencies

The current economic situation is often identified as the most cataclysmic financial pr

Tax: The last corporate taboo?

A day in the life of a corporate social responsibility professional would unearth a whole gambit of complex and disparate issue

Budget 2014: What do manufacturers want?

Ahead of today’s budget here is a quick recap of the economic environment and EEF’s ke

Budget 2014: The Decade of Employee Ownership

Employee ownership is the model in which a business is totally or significantly owned

Budget 2014: More homes please

The fact is, we’re still not building enough homes. People across the country are strug

The Future of Scotland: A radical shift towards local democracy

When the Yes campaign in the Scottish independence referendum campaign launched in May

The Future of Scotland: Aye, naw, maybe

The 'no' scenario supposes that Scotland votes on the 18th of September and we wak

The Future of Scotland: Enhanced devolution is the right path for Scotland

As we move into the last 200 days before Scotland’s big decision is taken on 18<

The Future of Scotland: What is the best choice for Scotland?

As Scots, we love our country and want the very best future for our families, our frien

Russia and the Ukraine: Violations and justifications

 The highest codification of International Law, The UN Charter, expressly states


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Markets for the Many: Banks have a responsibility to lend to deprived communities

Peter Kelly, Business Development and Marketing Director at Unity Trust Bank, calls for a Community Reinvestment Act to drive much needed investment into under-served markets to promote enterprise, jobs and social cohesion.

26 By Peter Kelly

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