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The Disraeli Room is a hub for new ideas, commentary and analysis. ResPublica's blog is named after the great reforming Prime Minister of the nineteenth century, Benjamin Disraeli, and welcomes contributions from across the political, academic and professional spectrum.

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  • With Prevention in Mind

    19th February 2016

    Announcing £1 billion increase in funding to mental health, David Cameron rightly said that there needs to be a ‘revolution’ in mental health care. Much of the money the Prime Minister is pledging is to flow into acute mental health services; £250 million for emergency mental health in A&E and £400 million for investment in crisis resolution.

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  • NHS2

    11th February 2016

    The NHS began with a bitter doctor’s dispute. Nye Bevan, the towering socialist Welsh force of nature, and Minister of Health whose single – some would say bloody – mindedness in pushing through the root law that set up the world’s first fully funded public healthcare system, in 1948, was a hate figure for most doctors.