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The Disraeli Room is a hub for new ideas, commentary and analysis. ResPublica's blog is named after the great reforming Prime Minister of the nineteenth century, Benjamin Disraeli, and welcomes contributions from across the political, academic and professional spectrum.

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  • Issues Encountered by Family Carers of the Elderly

    25th January 2013

    Caring for ageing parents can put a huge strain on families, particularly those people who may also be looking after young children at the same time. There are both emotional and financial implications to negotiate, and if the parent or parents being looked after have a degenerative condition, such as Alzheimer’s, those caring for them can feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and unsure how best to meet the needs of their parent and their own family at the same time.

  • The Depardieu Affair

    21st January 2013

    It’s no pleasure to see the once great (and make no mistake, Gérard Depardieu is, or was, the most charismatic French actor since Jean Gabin) turn themselves into a laughing stock.

  • ‘Bank of Mum’ & Megawatt Parties

    14th January 2013

    2012 was the year that I tapped ‘bank of mum’ for a loan, and subsequently threw my first two ‘megawatt parties’. On this occasion, however, I could offer something back to Mum – a market-beating rate of return.

  • One Unitarian View of Marriage

    10th January 2013

    One of the beneficial effects of the current debate on equal marriage has been to stimulate thinking about the role and significance of marriage more generally. In recent years there has been talk of fundamental reform of the Marriage Act – however, Governments have kept clear of the issue.

  • Tory Socialism and the First Working Class Man

    7th January 2013

    A short tweet caught my eye. The author was our own Red Tory, Phillip Blond, and the subject was the Factory Act of 1847, better known as the Ten Hour Act because it ensured that no woman and no child under eighteen could be compelled to work more than ten hours a day.

  • Obesity: Why size does matter

    4th January 2013

    Globally Britain already has one of the highest levels of obesity. By the end of the decade it is predicted that one in three adults will be classified as obese (see slide 1).