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Britain is one of the most centralised countries in the world, while trust in politics has never been lower. Our social bonds have been eroded and fragmented from years of excessive marketisation. To start to combat this, we believe power must be devolved to the lowest appropriate level.


Society (Cont.)

Empowered communities, guided by their understanding of the issues most salient to them, must lead public services to address the growing and complex barriers that people face in their own lives.


However, the dislocation of personal conviction and social obligation has broken down bonds of trust. Families play a crucial role in the success of their communities, but they too have suffered the effects of excessive marketization. More must therefore be done to engender a political environment and social architecture which places supporting families in all circumstances at the heart of public policy.

Building strong communities will provide a platform that is essential for the devolution of power. Achieving this requires a fundamental renewal of our governing institutions. Civil society and intermediary institutions, such as schools, faith groups and businesses are a crucial means to achieving this outcome. We therefore also need a new purpose and new vision, to create institutions that are part of a shared social space.

Society Workstreams

A new devolved future for Britain’s mid-size cities

The challenge: An unequal and diverging Brexit Britain Britain’s cities and regions face real and growing challenges post-Brexit. It is vital that growth is delivered...

  • Comments Off on Britain’s Diplomatic Strength: Harnessing soft power in a post-Brexit world
Britain’s Diplomatic Strength: Harnessing soft power in a post-Brexit world

ResPublica, in partnership with the British Council, is undertaking a project on soft power and the vital role of institutions in British foreign policy. Institutions...

Making social reform work for vulnerable young people

Since taking office, the new Prime Minister’s rhetoric has made clear her determination to help young people from all backgrounds to go as far as...

Civil Society and social welfare

Since its inception, ResPublica has argued that civil society and private business in the UK and other countries have a crucial social responsibility. We believe...

Social Reform

ResPublica has launched its Social Reform programme to overcome the defining political issue of our time: the great divides of wealth and power across the...

ResPublica North

Over the past seven years, ResPublica has been at the heart of the debate over devolution in the UK. We have provided the intellectual groundwork...

What future for unaccompanied child migrants in the UK?

The Government’s Written Statement of February this year stated that, based on conversations with local authorities, councils in the UK had an estimated capacity to...

Backing Beauty Commission

Our Backing Beauty Commission is a campaign to put beauty, placemaking and community participation at the heart of local planning and wider public policy. Through...

Credit Emancipation – Report Launch
12th September 2018

Join us at the launch of our new report on Credit Emancipation. In this report we make recommendations to address the problems of unaffordable credit,...

Escape Velocity: Growing Salford’s Creative Economy – Report Launch
14th December 2017

ResPublica is launching its latest report Escape Velocity: Growing Salford’s Creative Economy. The report makes the case for continued Government and private sector investment in...

Heartbeats on the High Street – Community Pharmacy Report Launch
20th November 2017

ResPublica is launching its latest report on Community Pharmacy in which we make the case for community pharmacies as a first port of call in...

Backing Beauty Roundtable
20th July 2016

Held on 20th July 2016 as part of the work of ResPublica’s Backing Beauty Commission, this roundtable focused on how to encourage local authority...

True North 2016: Realising the Northern Powerhouse
8th July 2016

On Friday 8th July, ResPublica’s inaugural North conference Finding True North hosted over 250 leaders from across the North at the beautiful Lowry Theatre, Salford....

The NHS and Social Care: Reducing bed-blocking and financial pressures
1st March 2016

Care Minister Rt Hon. Alistair Burt MP joins Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Minister for Older People, Social Care and Carers, to debate the future of...

Ticket to Ride: How high speed rail for Liverpool can help realise the Northern Powerhouse
23rd February 2016

The Liverpool City Region, with its world-class port and logistics facilities, growing business community, and cultural vibrancy, has the potential to drive economic growth at...

Can city-based devolution transform the lives of the least wealthy in society?
5th October 2015

With key speaker: Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Civil Society Julia Unwin, Joseph Rowntree Foundation George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol Kindly supported by: ...

A Community Right to Beauty
23rd July 2015

ResPublica is launching its latest report: A Community Right to Beauty: Giving communities the power to shape, enhance and create beautiful places, buildings and spaces....


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