Britain’s Diplomatic Strength: Harnessing soft power in a post-Brexit world

Project Details

ResPublica, in partnership with the British Council, is undertaking a project on soft power and the vital role of institutions in British foreign policy.

Institutions are uniquely effective at stabilising nations. When properly configured and supported, British institutions – such as the BBC, British Council, universities and museums – can provide mediation in some of the most socially, culturally and economically fragmented parts of the world. But this current and potential impact is not fully recognised by the UK. We believe that a new platform for understanding and more effectively harnessing such institutions could be part of Britain’s vital global reach in the years to come.

Given the current global context and Britain’s exit from the European Union, we believe that now is a critical time to restate the case for soft power, and to make recommendations to Government and British institutions as to where and how efforts should be focused.

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