Making social reform work for vulnerable young people

Project Details

Since taking office, the new Prime Minister’s rhetoric has made clear her determination to help young people from all backgrounds to go as far as their talent will take them and to tackle what she sees as society’s “burning injustices”. Mrs May has established and will personally chair a new Social Reform Cabinet Committee, and her closing speech to the Conservative Party Conference set out a vision for a Government committed to “identifying injustices, finding solutions, [and] driving change”.

We are working with leading children’s charity Barnardo’s, which has recently outlined its new ten-year strategy, to place the needs and difficulties experienced by vulnerable and disadvantaged young people at the heart of the Government’s social reform agenda. Together, we will present a series of proposed interventions which government at a local and national level could make to improve the opportunities of these children to make the most of their potential, and to secure a positive future for every young person in the UK.