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ResPublica North

Project Details

Over the past seven years, ResPublica has been at the heart of the debate over devolution in the UK. We have provided the intellectual groundwork for a radical redistribution of power to the city-regions of Manchester and Liverpool, have worked with cities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland on new city-deals and have convened the political alliances that have made big, bipartisan ideas like the Northern Powerhouse possible. Now, as devolution across the North of England becomes a reality, we are launching ResPublica North to focus on moving the political and policy conversation on; from political reform to policy innovation and implementation. ResPublica North will provide support for the newly empowered policy-makers of the North and will equip them with the new ideas and fresh thinking that will help make decentralisation a success.

For more, see our Manifesto for the North, launched with Rt Hon Greg Clark MP at our flagship summer conference. You can also contact Deputy Director Max Wind-Cowie at max.wind-cowie@respublica.org.uk