Britain is one of the most centralised countries in the world, while trust in politics has never been lower. Our social bonds have been eroded and fragmented from years of excessive marketisation. To start to combat this, we believe power must be devolved to the lowest appropriate level.


Society (Cont.)

Empowered communities, guided by their understanding of the issues most salient to them, must lead public services to address the growing and complex barriers that people face in their own lives.


However, the dislocation of personal conviction and social obligation has broken down bonds of trust. Families play a crucial role in the success of their communities, but they too have suffered the effects of excessive marketization. More must therefore be done to engender a political environment and social architecture which places supporting families in all circumstances at the heart of public policy.

Building strong communities will provide a platform that is essential for the devolution of power. Achieving this requires a fundamental renewal of our governing institutions. Civil society and intermediary institutions, such as schools, faith groups and businesses are a crucial means to achieving this outcome. We therefore also need a new purpose and new vision, to create institutions that are part of a shared social space.

Society Workstreams

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