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  • Around the World in Volatile Economies

    17th April 2013

    In 1791 Thomas Paine wrote: “there can be no such thing as a Nation flourishing alone in commerce; she can only participate”. In September 2010 William Hague, then the new Foreign Secretary, drew on this insight when addressing how Britain will continue to compete in the modern ‘networked world’.

  • Budget 2013: Small steps for small business support

    26th March 2013

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could be the salutary lifeboat that the British economy needs for its lengthy recovery, but the current Government hasn’t yet been able to produce an aggregate policy offer to support them.

  • ResPonses to the Budget

    22nd March 2013

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the Budget to Parliament on 20th March, proposing a new set of economic measures meant to combat the economic malaise. Chancellor George Osborne announced that the present budget targets “people who aspire to work hard and get on” and those sectors driving up economic growth in the UK.

  • Citizen Centric Cities

    13th February 2013

    We all have our daily routines. Depending on where I am, mine either starts at 6am with a dash to London or at 7am with breakfast and taking the kids to school followed by a day working at home.

  • Smart Islands in a Dumb City

    11th February 2013

    The concept of a smart or future city has been around for several years now. We have all seen the video that shows how our journey to the airport will be transformed in the future, with transport systems that are not only fully integrated, but intelligent enough to respond to changing circumstances and demands.