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The Disraeli Room is a hub for new ideas, commentary and analysis. ResPublica's blog is named after the great reforming Prime Minister of the nineteenth century, Benjamin Disraeli, and welcomes contributions from across the political, academic and professional spectrum.

The Disraeli Room

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  • Credit Unions: Scaling up the sector to empower communities

    4th April 2013

    It was racial discrimination in 1960s London which led to the setting up of the first credit union in Britain fifty years ago. Credit unions have existed in the Caribbean since the 1940s, and immigrants to Britain from Jamaica and Trinidad decided upon their arrival in the UK to set up a self-help organisation so they could get the financial services they needed.

  • Community Owned Shops: The modern co-operative pioneers

    3rd April 2013

    The General Election in 2010 saw a major landmark in the development of the Co-operative Movement. For the first time ever, the three largest political parties all made glowing reference to the role of co-operatives in British society and how they would support them if elected.

  • Making It Mutual: Governance and voice

    2nd April 2013

    Mutual and employee-owned organisations (MEOs) are public and private enterprises, which have the potential to provide social, as well as economic, benefits. As a philosophy, mutualism is a set of ideas and principles governing the relations between individuals; as an organisational practice, mutuality is characterised by distinctive ownership and governance structures which express the values of equality, fairness and mutual respect through democratic decision-making.