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New Economies, Innovative Markets

This workstream seeks to provide practical solutions for a moral capitalism and sustainable economy. This includes encouraging new market entry, ensuring supply chain resilience through more localised control, promoting greater diversity of business models and facilitating wider asset distribution, in order to achieve an economy based on trust and reciprocity

Current and forthcoming work will build upon the ideas outlined in our past output which have had a continuing impact on the British policy landscape. Examples of our successes in 2012 include ResPublica's report recommending a new community bond to unlock investment in infrastructure, and an ongoing series of publications on diversifying the energy market by enabling community-led projects to go to scale, the recommendations of which were reflected in a private members' bill and endorsed by Friends of the Earth. In 2013 this workstream will encompass our research on financial institutions and intermediaries, re-defining economic competition, SMEs and social enterprise, and governance prerogatives for a more responsible form of capitalism.

Current Projects