Regional manufacturing and the Industrial Strategy

Project Details

ResPublica is developing a vision for a place-based industrial strategy that addresses the UK’s regional productivity problem, and responds to competitiveness challenges post-Brexit. Working in partnership with Nestlé UK, the British arm of the world’s largest food company, with 13 factories and an 8,000-strong workforce spread throughout the country, we are carrying out a programme of work on creating the right macro, regional and micro-level environment for investment in the future of all parts of the UK. Our focus is particularly relevant for industries with multiple sites across the UK, many in non-urban areas or on the urban fringe, dealing with the twin challenges of developing sustainable economies and places.

As the place dimension of industrial strategy comes into clearer view, we aim to develop a picture of the different models of growth that will suit different parts of the country, backed up by predictable and strong national regulation. We anticipate this programme will cover areas including local supply chains and networks of firms, local labour markets and multiplier effects, infrastructure, and long-term responsible business practice.

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