The UK has some of the highest levels of wealth concentration in the developed world. However, high barriers to entry mean most of our mature economic markets are dominated by a few big players gaining excessive returns through anti-competitive practices.


Prosperity (Cont.)

This conspires against the small and emerging businesses we need to generate growth and spread prosperity. We believe that the future lies in the shaping of a genuinely social, free and open market. This means that on the one hand, financial transactions are linked to a wider social purpose. On the other, we need an entrepreneurial state to drive innovation forward.

Prosperity is damaged by the disparity between the asset rich and the asset poor. This is to the detriment of society, fostering political and civic disengagement and imbalances of power. Assets must be secured for all through an ownership-based economy, in which everyone’s space is economically underwritten. To help people build their lives on a firm foundation, we must ensure all have free and equal access to public services at the point of need.

Finally, practical and adaptable education is key to personal development. The skills gap is a major barrier to prosperity, which precludes many from entering the workforce. Early specialization in schools fails to produce the well-rounded skill sets necessary in a fast-changing economy. Employment and education should be tied firmly together to focus on the creation of soft skills, character and resilience. This will better enable individuals to pursue their personal goals and ensure British business is well supplied with a broad spectrum of skilled labour.

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