Skills for jobs that don’t yet exist: A new system for the fourth industrial revolution

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A key issue for the UK’s economy is how we meet the challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work. Central to this challenge is the question of skills, an essential driver of productivity and growth.

Education and skills are the number one priority for employers that are struggling to find the right people with the right skills and who are increasingly concerned that they will not be able to fill positions in the future.

Yet more than half of all school leavers now go to university. More than ever before. While those who don’t are ill-served by an underfunded, second best, post-18 education offer. This suggests that our skills system is not fit for present purpose, or indeed the solution to the challenges of the future.

This report sets out a range of measures, to future proof skills and transform our education, training and skills system to address Britain’s productivity crisis. Skills for jobs that don’t yet exist, argues that funding and competing resources is a major consideration, but the solutions will need to take in whole-system changes to rebalance UK skills and prepare for the disruptive effects of automation.