Corporate Governance for Long-Term Prosperity

Project Details

ResPublica is examining whether Britain’s models of corporate governance are delivering for the country and for business. There is growing concern that short-term decision-making is detrimental to British business and harms economic growth and prosperity. ResPublica is supporting an approach that seeks to strengthen the policy environment for businesses that invest for the long term, increase national influence, and alters incentives so that businesses can be more productive and long-term contributors to national success.

Elements of the programme include:

  • What characteristics of governance underpin productive and unproductive companies
  • What factors influence firm prioritisation of future research vs financialization
  • How to encourage long-term decision making, including through mergers and acquisitions
  • How we embed stakeholder and community representation and supports commercial success
  • How the UK can be a global beacon for business practice that build trust and spreads prosperity

Recently we were joined Chuka Umunna MP and Sir Vince Cable in Parliament to discuss many of these issues – for more information please visit the event page.

If these areas align with your current priorities, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Jake Sumner, Senior Associate – Industrial Strategy at