Our People

Our People


  • Mike Wilkins B.Sc. MCIH

    Chief Executive, Ducane Housing Association

    Mike Wilkins B.Sc. MCIH

    Mike started his career in housing management with Westminster City Council and was a senior estate manager and then an Assistant Divisional Director. He has worked in a number of...

  • Hazel Blears MP

    Hazel Blears MP

    With over a decade’s experience in high profile executive positions, Hazel has operated at the most senior levels of government and commerce. An experienced influencer and shaper of policy, she...

  • Antony Mason

    Writer and Editor

    Antony Mason

    Antony Mason is a writer and editor. He is the main editor for the Intergenerational Foundation (IF), and one of the editors of theIntergenerational Justice Review, co-published by the Foundation...

  • Liz Emerson

    Co-Founder, Intergenerational Foundation (IF)

    Liz Emerson

    Liz Emerson is a Co-Founder of the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) with a particular interest in demographic change, voting and representation. With more than 20 years’ experience in commercial and public...

  • David Kingman

    Researcher, Intergenerational Foundation (IF)

    David Kingman

    David Kingman is a researcher at the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) in London, a think tank that conducts research into intergenerational equity. He is especially interested in how intergenerational justice relates...

  • Angus Hanton

    Co-Founder, Intergenerational Foundation

    Angus Hanton

    Angus Hanton is a Co-Founder of the Intergenerational Foundation (IF). As a baby boomer with teenage children, he realises that he has enjoyed many of the unearned advantages of belonging...

  • Ben Dyson

    Founder, Positive Money

    Ben Dyson

    Ben founded Positive Money in 2010 and works on the campaign full time. Ben has spent the last five years figuring out what’s wrong with the financial system. He now...

  • Danny Kruger

    Chief Executive at West London Zone

    Danny Kruger

    Danny is the chief executive of Only Connect, a charity working with youth at risk, prisoners and ex-offenders. He graduated from Edinburgh University in 1997 with an MA in history...

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  • Howard Dawber

    Howard Dawber

    Howard Dawber is Strategic Advisor at Canary Wharf Group. He has previously been a Parliamentary Candidate for the Labour Party and an adviser on government-business relations. Howard is the Chair...

  • Alastair Marke

    Alastair Marke

    Alastair Marke is a Research Associate at ResPublica, working within the New Economies, Innovative Markets workstream. In ResPublica, he has participated in projects relating to co-operative council, new company models,...