Our People

Our People


  • Asheem Singh

    Asheem Singh

    Asheem Singh is a social entrepreneur and author. As a lead researcher he created ResPublica’s Civil Society and Social Innovation Unit from December 2009-April 2011, where he oversaw partnerships with...

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  • Tim Cowen

    Equity Partner at Preiskel & Co

    Tim Cowen

    Tim Cowen is an equity partner at Preiskel & Co and is independently recognised as one of the leading telecoms and technology regulatory/competition lawyers in the EU.  Tim led BT’s...

  • Professor Roger Steare

    Strategic Advisor to Ernst & Young LLP

    Professor Roger Steare

    Professor Roger Steare is Corporate Philosopher in Residence and Professor of Organizational Ethics at the Cass Business School, City University. As well as teaching ethics, he conducts extensive research on...

  • Professor Roger Scruton

    Visiting Professor at University of St Andrews and University of Oxford

    Professor Roger Scruton

    Roger Scruton is an adjunct scholar of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC. Prior to that he was a research professor for the Institute for the Psychological Sciences....

  • Professor Alan Riley

    Professor of Law at City University

    Professor Alan Riley

    Professor Alan Riley is one of the leading competition law scholars in the United Kingdom. He chairs the Competition Law Scholars Forum www.clasf.org. He has written widely on competition...

  • Margareta Pagano

    Business journalist for the Independent and the Financial News

    Margareta Pagano

    Margareta Pagano is a columnist and the Independent and the Independent on Sunday. She is one of the UK’s leading financial journalists and has worked for the Daily Telegraph and...

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  • Indy Johar

    Co-founder of 00

    Indy Johar

    Indy Johar is a qualified architect and place strategist. He co-founded 00:/ [zer’o zer’o] in 2005, a research-driven design practice focused on re-imagining, re-thinking, re-designing and re-organising place. The practice’s...

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  • Ed Mayo

    Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

    Ed Mayo

    Ed Mayo is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, the membership network for co-operative businesses. He is a long-term co-operator and has a track record of innovation and impact in his...

  • Barry C. Lynn

    Director Open Markets at New America

    Barry C. Lynn

    Barry C. Lynn is an expert in the political and economic dangers posed by monopolization. His groundbreaking work detailing how monopolists can destabilize vital industrial systems has attracted the attention...

  • Zac Goldsmith MP

    MP for Richmond Park

    Zac Goldsmith MP

    Zac Goldsmith  is the Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston.  He was the Editor of the Ecologist Magazine for 10 years and remains Director of the Ecologist. In...

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