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Our People

Our People

Tim Cowen

Equity Partner at Preiskel & Co

Tim Cowen is an equity partner at Preiskel & Co and is independently recognised as one of the leading telecoms and technology regulatory/competition lawyers in the EU.  Tim led BT’s competition law and public policy team for many years and has specialist expertise in the competition issues arising from the mergers of telecommunications companies.

He specializes in complex transactions and second phase merger cases for either parties to transactions or third parties affected by transactions. For example, he has been involved in the following leading merger and joint venture cases: BT/MCI I&II, MCI/WorldCom/Sprint, TimeWarner / AOL, AT&T/ T Mobile, Syniverse/ Mach, Facebook/WhatsApp, BT/EE and H3G/O2.

Tim has dealt with many abuse of dominance cases and anticompetitive practices both for defendants and plaintiffs. For example, he successfully defended information technology suppliers in the OFT’s 2013-14 investigation of an alleged supplier cartel, while spearheading IT companies’ concerns that led to IBM’s settlement of the EU Commission’s  investigations in 2011. He is currently representing a range of companies in the EU Commission’s on-going investigations of Google’s abuse of dominance in on line search ( for which the Commission fined Google £2.4 bn in 2017), and bundling of applications with the Android operating system.

He has dealt with a large number of high profile litigation cases and is currently representing smaller companies in their claims damages against Google.

Mr Cowen is a Board Member of the International Institute of Communications. He has been Past Chairman, Competition Panel, Confederation of British Industry and Past Chairman, International Association of Commercial and Contract Management. Mr Cowen was awarded the title of ‘Distinguished Visiting Fellow’ at the European Business School in London and has lectured as a visiting professor at the City of London Law School, and Imperial and at Queen Mary Colleges in London.

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