Our People

Our People


  • Chi Onwurah

    Chi Onwurah has been MP for Newcastle Central since 2010 and is currently a Shadow Cabinet Office Minister leading on cyber security, social entrepreneurship, civil contingency, open government and transparency....

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  • Lui Smyth

    Lui is the UK General Manager of CoinJar, a global personal finance company, where people can easily buy and spend bitcoin and other currencies. Lui gets very excited about...

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  • Anthony Macey

    Anthony Macey

    Anthony Macey has worked in the Banking and Financial Industry for over a decade, in retail, innovation and data. He has a great personal interest in new technologies and thinks...

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  • Jonathan Levin

    Jonathan Levin

    Jonathan Levin was the CEO and co-founder of Coinometrics, a premium data analytics company for digital currencies, offering risk management tools to enhance bitcoin as a payment system. Prior to...

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  • Toby Birch

    Toby Birch

    Toby is a proven financial forecaster, thought leader and entrepreneur who is an authority on megatrends and macroeconomics. Uniquely, he was the only person on record to publish a book...

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  • Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Elliptic, a London-based digital asset custodian and provider of block chain-based compliance services. Follow him on Twitter @tomrobin and Elliptic...

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  • Richard Benwell

    Richard Benwell

    Richard Benwell is Parliamentary Programme Manager at the RSPB and a keen birder. He wrote his PhD on the design of carbon emissions trading systems and went on to be...

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  • Dominic Frisby

    Dominic Frisby

    Dominic Frisby is the author of two books: Bitcoin: the Future of Money (‘Read it and glimpse into the future’ – Sir Richard Branson) and Life After The State (‘fascinating,...

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  • Barry Johnston

    Barry Johnston

    Barry Johnston is Head of Advocacy at ActionAid UK where he leads their work with Government and companies on their tax justice campaign, having previously worked on the issue with...

  • Catherine Duggan

    Catherine Duggan

    Catherine is an Independent Senior Energy Consultant and recognised leader on low carbon energy solutions with over 15 years’ experience working as an energy strategist, programme deliverer and fundraiser. Recently,...