Our People

Our People


  • Adam Afriyie

    Adam Afriyie has been Conservative MP for Windsor since 2005. He is currently Chairman of the Select Committee on Members’ Expenses, Chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology...

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  • Rafe Martyn

    Rafe Martyn

    Rafe is an economics PhD student at the University of Cambridge. He co-founded the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP) as well as the Rethinking Economics student network. Both organisations...

  • Hannah Yadi

    Research and Events Assistant

    Hannah Yadi

    Hannah Yadi joined ResPublica in January 2015 as Research and Events Assistant. She graduated with a First in History from the University of Durham, and was presented with an undergraduate...

  • Steve Wyler

    Steve Wyler OBE is the Chief Executive of Locality, a nationwide movement of community organisations ambitious for change. Locality brings together over 600 settlements, development trusts, social action centres and...

  • Adam Schoenborn

    Adam Schoenborn was a senior researcher for ResPublica, where he led research on a range of subjects including savings policy, asset welfare, public sector mutualism, economic localisation and political localism....

  • Antonia Cox

    Antonia is a journalist, former school governor and mother of three who first campaigned for the Conservatives in 1983. She worked as a community service volunteer between school and university...

  • Matt Stokes

    Events and Research Assistant

    Matt Stokes

    Matt joined ResPublica in January 2015 as Research and Events Assistant. He graduated with a First in French and Spanish from the University of Oxford, where he won the Fluchère...

  • Comment Magazine

    Comment magazine serves Christian leaders and culture makers with rooted, fresh ideas for the faithful practice of North American public life. Leaning on 2000 years of Christian thought, we seek...

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  • Antony Mason

    Antony Mason is a writer and editor. He is the main editor for the Intergenerational Foundation (IF), and one of the editors of the Intergenerational Justice Review, co-published by the...

  • Chris Hayes

    Conservative Councillor for Kingston and Surbiton and Director of Freedom Works UK

    Chris Hayes