Our People

Our People


  • Sarah Banks

    Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University

    Sarah Banks

    Sarah Banks has a background in community development and worked in the voluntary sector and local authority social services before joining Durham University. Her degrees are in philosophy, social history...

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  • Matt Ferkany

    Assistant Professor, College of Education, Michigan State University

    Matt Ferkany

    Matt Ferkany is an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education department at Michigan State University. A philosopher by training, his research focuses on political, ethical, and pedagogical problems relating to...

  • Henry Fagg

    Founder, Thetutorpages.com

    Henry Fagg

    Henry is a director and founder of The Tutor Pages, an award-winning online hub for private tuition in the UK. Qualified in comparative and international education, he has published researchon...

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  • Rosalind Wyatt

    Rosalind Wyatt

    Rosalind graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2001 in constructed Textiles and works as a studio based artist in London....

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  • Rebecca Gouldson

    Rebecca Gouldson

    Rebecca is an artist and maker of metal wall art. You can see her work by visiting her website...

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  • Annabelle Campbell

    Annabelle Campbell

    Annabelle Campbell is Head of Exhibitions and Collections at the Crafts Council. Annabelle’s specific responsibilities include; overseeing the Collection and all related projects, the exhibition and touring programmes, the online...

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  • James Boardwell

    James Boardwell

    James Boardwell is the founder of folksy.com @folksy...

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  • Maria Balermpa

    Maria Balermpa

    Maria Balermpa is Policy and Consultations Manager at Creative Skillset....

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  • Julia Bennett

    Julia Bennett

    Julia is the Crafts Council’s Research and Policy Manager. Her recent research projects include Studying Craft, a retrospective analysis of trends in craft education and training and Defining and Measuring...

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  • Duncan Chamberlain

    Duncan Chamberlain

    http://www.bridgingtothefuture.co.uk @Bridgingfuture Founder and Managing Director, Bridging to the Future Duncan is the inspiration and spirit behind Bridging to the Future. His experience encompasses working for multinationals (including Whitbread),...

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