British Intellectual Conservatism: Past and Present

6 & 7 July | Conference | Cambridge

Developing Industry-Expert Teaching for Higher Skills


The further education and skills sector is facing a growing crisis in recruiting and retaining appropriately qualified staff.

Playing by the Rules: The Governance of English Football


The report explores how an independent regulator can be structured to function in an effective manner by delivering maximum value for the fans.

The Role of Microcredentials in Modular Learning


In this report, the Lifelong Education Commission seeks to explore the emerging role of microcredentials in modular learning and how a common understanding can enable alternative pathways to higher level qualifications in the UK.

Closing the Enforcement Gap


Proposals for reform and increasing the speed of enforcement action in Big Tech competition cases

Report Launch – The Future of Higher Technical Education

Online Event | 27 April | 11:30 - 12:30

Skills and Levelling Up Manifesto

This manifesto outlines ten key policies that would enable local areas to take significant forward strides in crafting skills and education policies that can meet their current and future needs.

Online Safety Bill | Panel Discussion

Watch the event recording

The Pathway to Lifelong Education

In this first report, the Lifelong Education Commission seeks to recommend how the barriers to adult learning can be removed; what future investment is needed to support this; and what change is needed to ensure the maximum flexibility that will benefit learners and deliver on the promise of a whole system change for lifelong education.

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