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Press Centre

21st Century Healthcare: A week of blogs on Health and the Life Sciences

20th April 2015

The Life Science sector is the UK’s fastest growing industry and it’s success will be vital for a successful NHS in the future.  This week, the Disraeli Room hosts an array of pieces including the opener from the Minister for Life Science, George Freeman.


Life Sciences: The key to a 21st Century NHS by George Freeman, Minister for Life Science

As we approach polling day, I believe the choice we are facing on the future of the NHS is becoming ever more clear. The choice is simple: between the focus of Jeremy Hunt and the Conservative Health team on supporting NHS leaders to improve the culture of care and transparency, promote patient empowerment and accelerate access to new treatments by unlocking the power of the NHS as a pioneer of medical innovation, and the depressing sight of Andy Burnham determined to ‘weaponise’ the NHS for partisan advantage …


Health North: A step in the right direction for addressing health equity in the North of England? by Hakim Yadi, NHSA

Our health and social care systems are at a crossroads and of the wide-ranging health challenges currently facing the UK, one of the most unsettling issues is the persistent health inequalities experienced by populations across the North of England. This is not new news and politicians have long tried to address these concerns …


New Medicines: Why commissioning of medicines for rare diseases must be a priority for the next government by Edward Keyser, Advocate

The Coalition Government should be commended for its efforts to drive the life sciences agenda. After setting down an early statement of intent with the Strategy for UK life sciences, last year’s re-launch of the Office for Life Sciences, operating across the departments of business and health, signalled a clear intention to harness the potential of modern technology to create a health service fit for the 21st century …


Brilliance and Imperfection: How medical technology has the potential to help people with asthma by Kay Boycott, Asthma UK

Over the last few decades safe and effective new medical technologies have been widely welcomed by patients and health care professionals alike, and helped to transform life expectancy …

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