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21st Century Healthcare: Technology, participation and medical innovation, with George Freeman MP, Minister for Life Sciences

11th February 2015

21st Century Healthcare: Technology, participation and medical innovation’ will be a UK first, bringing together the key stakeholders from across the industry to form a holistic pathway for the life sciences industry. The day will set the standard for the Government’s Life Sciences Strategy for the next five years in supporting a model of healthcare fit for the 21st century.

The Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman MP, will be among the audience throughout the day providing a unique opportunity to engage with the Government’s agenda and enabling a two-way dialogue on the most pressing issues confronting the industry. Kindly hosted by Google Campus, the conference will provide a platform for collaboration in thought leadership, inviting the leading innovative figures from the sector to share their expertise and discuss solutions in a constructive environment.

The nature of the health problems we encounter and how we address them is changing. Lifestyle choices are constantly evolving, people are living for longer and chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and dementia are getting worse. Traditional responses to the country’s growing needs are becoming outdated, and we need to develop a model which both capitalises on our historic strengths in life sciences and enables a rapid response to the health challenges we face.

The UK’s life sciences industry has been one of the most successful globally. We have a strong history of discovery and medical advances, and our digital and healthcare technologies have demonstrated our ability to innovate. We now need to harness the success of our emerging innovations more effectively, as well as our world-class science and clinical research. Twenty-first century healthcare and medical research will need to be far more centred on patients and the clinical infrastructure of tissues and data. We need to bolster the vital role of the patient, the entrepreneur and the community, alongside local supply chains, institutions and small businesses, to enable greater participation and ‘bottom-up’ innovation. We need to create a healthcare model fit for the 21st century.

Tthe conference will draw together speakers and delegates from across the political spectrum, life sciences industry and civil service to explore and set the high level outcomes for patients that this country needs to achieve and the means by which we can meet such goals.

Throughout the day, guests will reflect on the Government’s Life Sciences Strategy and through a series of workshops, will map the ‘way ahead’ for public policy for the next five to ten years. The Minister will join us as both a speaker and a participant for the whole day and will conclude the conference with keynote remarks on where the Government must go from here.


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