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21st Century Healthcare: A conference with the Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman MP

On 11th February, ResPublica will be hosting a conference on the future of healthcare and life sciences, hosted at Google Campus London.

21st Century Healthcare: Technology, participation and medical innovation, with George Freeman MP, Minister for Life Sciences

Out of the Cold: Creating a consumer-led energy efficiency policy offer

ResPublica's next project will place energy efficiency at the heart of the nation’s infrastructure strategy.

Out of the Cold: Creating a Consumer-led Energy Efficiency Policy Offer Partnership opportunities for a new ResPublica project

Local Place Partnerships: How to accelerate home building

A new ResPublica research project will call for the creation of new institutions to speed up housebuilding and provide places where people can not just live, but also thrive

Local Place Partnerships: How to accelerate home building A new ResPublica research project

Steve Baker & Adam Afriyie on Digital Currencies: Will regulation stifle innovation?

On 9th February, ResPublica is hosting a free to attend pop-up policy event in Westminster Hall, debating whether the regulation of digital currencies will stifle innovation.

Digital currencies: Will regulation stifle innovation? with Steve Baker MP & Adam Afriyie MP

Featured Event

ResPublica’s 5th Anniversary

16th December 2014
Institute of Directors,

On Tuesday 16th December 2014, ResPublica celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a Question Time style debate and party at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall. Our Director, Phillip Blond, delivered a keynote address to an audience of parliamentarians, political commentators, academics and friends, with the reception overwhelmingly positive. The speech set the tone for the rest of the evening, ensuring minds were firmly fixed on the long-term and enduring issues of our time.