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The Housing White Paper

Our policy team responds to the Government's plans to reform the housing sector and boost the supply of new homes

White Paper on housing

Unlocking Industrial Strategy

In the wake of the Government's Green Paper, find out more about our Industrial Strategy programme, research and events

Unlocking Industrial Strategy

Our priorities for 2017

This year, against a backdrop of significant economic change and a renewed focus on social reform, we will be focusing our efforts on two priorities.

Our Priorities

Defending Religious Liberty

Our new report, Beyond Belief, aims to enshrine religious freedoms in the British Bill of Rights

Beyond Belief: Defending religious liberty through the British Bill of Rights

About ResPublica

ResPublica is an independent non-partisan think tank, that seeks to establish a new economic, social and cultural settlement for the United Kingdom. Our interventions in public policy and public debate have been decisive, and our ideas have been adopted by politicians of all parties. We believe in the common good and the development of real wealth that promotes both social and economic flourishing.