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Press Centre

Shadow Health Minister cites Care Collapse in debate

18th November 2015

  • ResPublica
Shadow Health Minister cites Care Collapse in debate

Barbara Keeley (Worsley and Eccles South) (Lab): The ResPublica report, “The Care Collapse”, states that our residential care sector is in crisis. It says:

“Providers are being faced with an unsustainable combination of declining real terms funding, rising demand for their services, and increasing financial liabilities.” It also so states that a £1 billion funding gap in older people’s residential care would result in the loss of 37,000 care beds, which is more than in the Southern Cross collapse. No private sector provider has the capacity to take in residents and cover the lost beds, so those older people will most likely end up in hospital. What is the Minister doing to protect the care sector from catastrophic collapse?



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