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Press Centre

ResPublica Welcomes Utiligroup and RenewableUK as Partners for Forthcoming Project

19th March 2013

  • ResPublica

RenewableUK and Utiligroup confirmed partners with ResPublica for forthcoming research project

ResPublica is pleased to announce that RenewableUK and Utiligroup will be partners for ResPublica’s forthcoming research project, ‘The Community Renewables Economy: Starting up, scaling up and spinning out”, due to commence Spring 2013. Additional opportunities to partner with ResPublica on the project and surrounding activity are still open for third party organisations.

The project, to be published as a full-length report, will explore the innovative business models, financial mechanisms and local partnerships that private developers, generators, suppliers, public services and business can establish to foster a far more decentralised model of energy provision. It will focus particularly on the opportunity for such businesses to devolve ownership and social benefits to the surrounding community.

Set to conclude in Summer 2013, the project will run alongside and influence the Energy Bill as it makes its way through Parliament; DECC’s ‘decentralised’ and renewable energy policies, including the Community Energy Strategy; and the conclusions to emerge from recent ‘community benefit’ consultations. The policy recommendations will also appeal to a number of other governmental departments and agendas, such as the localism and decentralisation agenda, and the recent emphases on innovation and market plurality.

ResPublica, RenewableUK and Utiligroup are inviting other individuals and partners to advise and support the forthcoming project. Formal partners can also benefit from participating in, and co-branding, on this activity. For further information, please contact Caroline Julian, Senior Researcher and Project Manager, at caroline.julian@respublica.org.uk.

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