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Press Centre

ResPublica author to give evidence to Treasury Select Committee

17th November 2014

  • ResPublica

Professor John Gathergood, co-author of ResPublica’s recent report, will tomorrow give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on the subject of payday lending, following ResPublica’s latest report Climbing the Credit Ladder: Short-term loans as a path to long-term credit

Professor Gathergood was invited to give evidence following the launch of the report in Parliament on 3rd November. The Committee will hear from a small panel of experts including Joanna Elson OBE, Chief Executive, Money Advice Trust, and Richard Lloyd, Executive Director, Which?, on the treatment of financial services consumers. Professor Gathergood’s evidence will build on the consumer-focused approach of Climbing the Credit Ladder, in which ResPublica argues for a range of measures in order to change payday lending from a trap for those on lower incomes into something which can help improve people’s credit ratings and help them into cheaper, longer-term, forms of borrowing.

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