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ResPublica announces Party Conference 2014 Fringe Programme

28th August 2014

ResPublica is pleased to announce its 2014 party conference fringe programme. We will be running 33 fringe events across the three main party conferences this year, challenging Britain’s thought leaders on key topics of our time.

Labour Fringe Programme

Sunday 21st – Wednesday 24th Sept. 2014

Conservative Fringe Programme

Sunday 28th Sept. – Wednesday 1st Oct. 2014

Liberal Democrat Fringe Programme

Saturday 4th – Wednesday 8th Oct. 2014

Confirmed speakers include:

Ed Davey, Caroline Flint, Lord Wood, Lord Adonis, Hilary Benn, Lord Glasman, Andy Burnham, John Hayes, Steve Webb, Greg Clark, Amber Rudd, Dominic Raab, Daniel Poulter, George Freeman, Jeremy Browne, Paddy Ashdown, Stephen Williams, Tom Greatrex, Norman Lamb, and Baroness Kramer.

Director of ResPublica, Phillip Blond, will also be hosting a series of ‘In Conversation With…’ events with thought leaders from each of the main political parties:

  • Dominic Raab
  • Paddy Ashdown
  • Jeremy Browne
  • Stewart Wood
  • Maurice Glasman

This year’s programme includes:

  • Devo-Max for Manchester: A new model of public service delivery (with Greater Manchester Combined Authority)
  • Restoring the Welfare State: The Conservative/Liberal Democrat vision for welfare *
  • The Way Ahead for England’s Core Cities: Local economic growth and public sector reform (with Core Cities)
  • Keeping the Lights On: Energy security and the low carbon challenge (with Statnett)
  • The Future of the NHS: Empowering patients (with Benenden Health)
  • How can payday lending help borrowers climb the credit ladder? (with the CFA)
  • From HS2 to HS3: A high speed route to re-balance Britain? (with 20 Miles More)
  • The Geopolitics of Energy: What next after Russia and Ukraine? (with Centrica)
  • Virtuous Capital: Are markets key to securing a sustainable future? (with Aviva)
  • Why are banks the same? How diversity can create real competition in banking and financial services (with the Building Societies Association, the Association of Financial Mutuals, PwC and Nationwide)
  • The consumer’s not for switching? Making energy markets work better (with VocaLink)
  • 21st Century Healthcare: Technology and patient empowerment (with NHSA)
  • Does Britain benefit from immigration? *

* There are a limited number of partnership opportunities available within ResPublica’s party conference fringe programme. For more information, please get in touch.

Elliott Mears, Events and Communications Manager


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