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Press Centre

Community Finance Blog Week: Making markets work for the many

13th April 2015

In the run up to the General Election, no issue is more pertinent than personal debt. With 8.8 million people over-indebted and little prospect of a significant ease in balancing household budgets, innovative and sustainable solutions are urgently needed to enable people to access affordable credit, build savings and ensure that our financial system works for the whole of society.

That’s why ResPublica is proud to support the Citizens UK Just Money campaign and the proposal for a Community Finance Foundation. To explore the benefits of community finance and discuss why a Community Finance Foundation would make a difference, ResPublica is delighted to welcome the following contributors to the Disraeli Room and bring this issue to the forefront of the election campaign.

  • Expanding credit unions sustainably

    The years since the turn of the century have been ones of growth and modernisation in the credit union sector. In 2000, there were 687 credit unions with 325,000 members …

  • Helping the financial sector fulfil its civic duty

    When we step back and review how our lives work one thing that becomes abundantly clear is that they are entwined with the financial system. On a daily basis, we depend on financial services to enable us to eat, work and sleep …


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