Our People

Our People


  • Professor Samuel Fankhauser

    Contributing Author

    Professor Samuel Fankhauser

    Prof Samuel Fankhauser is Co-Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and Deputy Director of the ESRC-funded Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, both at the London...

  • Dr Tim Johnson

    Contributing Author

    Dr Tim Johnson

    Dr Tim Johnson is a lecturer in the Department for Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at Heriot-Watt University, one of the country’s leading centres of research into the mathematics of finance....

  • Frances Bodman

    Contributing Author

    Frances Bodman

    Frances Bodman is a Climate and Energy lawyer at ClientEarth, a non-profit environmental law organisation which uses law, science and policy to create pragmatic solutions to key environmental challenges.  Frances...

  • Ewan Marshall

    Contributing Author

    Ewan Marshall

    Ewan Marchall is the founder of SpeakSet and has consulted on and built systems for O2 and Vodafone among others. He has founded both a charity and a TV station....

  • Dr Andres Fonseca

    Contributing Author

    Dr Andres Fonseca

    Dr Andres Fonseca is a consultant psychiatrist and tech entrepreneur. He is CEO of Virtually Free a company that develops virtual therapy applications using games to help people free themselves...

  • Benita Matofska

    Contributing Author

    Benita Matofska

    Benita Matofska is a worldwide expert and public speaker on the Sharing Economy, the Founder and Chief Sharer of Compare and Share and The People Who Share and a former...

  • Crispin Truman

    Contributing Author

    Crispin Truman

    Crispin Truman is chief executive of the Churches Conservation Trust, the national charity protecting historic churches at risk. The Trust runs over 340 heritage buildings across England attracting almost 2m...

  • David Clarke

    Contributing Author

    David Clarke

    David is a Policy Officer at ShareAction a charity which encourages responsible investment by pension funds and asset managers. He leads ShareAction’s engagement with policymakers and supports the All Party...

  • Leo Oliveira

    Contributing Author

    Leo Oliveira is putting his previous political experience working in the civil service to use as volunteer with Unlock Democracy. He is currently researching the ways in which the right...

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  • Christine Whitehead

    Contributing Author

    Christine Whitehead

    Christine Whitehead, Professor of Housing Economics, London School of Economics Christine is an internationally respected applied economist working mainly in the fields of housing economics, finance and policy. She has...