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Press Centre

Press Centre

Partnership Opportunity for a Forthcoming ResPublica Project

8th January 2013

  • ResPublica

ResPublica announces plans for 'Re-Intellectualising Schools' project

Are our schools working? Do they equip our young people with the skills they need to get jobs? Do they guide students to develop strength of character and ethical sense? Does our assessment system work? Are our schools connected to other learning institutions, local communities, and wider society? Are our teachers as confident and expert as they can be?

ResPublica is pleased to announce a new research project which will address these questions, as well as wider issues in education today. Further to the government’s reform initiatives focusing on changes to assessment, the project will explore how, beyond addressing only mechanics and statistics, reforms could usefully consider broader questions of the purpose and nature of assessment; as well as consider how well the education system works as a whole.

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