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Press Centre

Why Labour must go blue: A new book co-edited by ResPublica trustee Adrian Pabst

3rd March 2015

  • ResPublica

Amid the crisis of inequality and identity, the liberal consensus at the heart of British politics is broken. Blue Labour, a movement founded by Jon Cruddas MP and Lord Maurice Glasman, seeks to challenge the economic and social liberalism that characterises both the mainstream left and right. Blue Labour’s alternative to liberalism is economic justice, social solidarity, self-government and popular participation yet combined with respect for tradition and excellence.

ResPublica’s Trustee Adrian Pabst has just published an essay collection entitled Blue Labour: Forging a New Politics (I.B. Tauris, 2015). This book shows how Blue Labour’s championing of family, vocation, place and reciprocity can help Labour reconnect with the people it was set up to represent and protect while also speaking to the middle class who struggle to make ends meet. Such a radical yet small ‘c’ conservative agenda offers a viable vision to renew both the party and the country.

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