Tackling Air Pollution – A national and local approach, with Neil Parish MP

A select committee report earlier this year confirmed that we are facing a ‘public health emergency’ because of poor air quality. Air pollution is contributing to around 40-50,000 early deaths a year in the UK, and the growth in respiratory problems is placing significant pressures on the NHS. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) – an air pollutant […]

Britain’s Diplomatic Strength: Harnessing soft power in a post-Brexit world, with Crispin Blunt MP

Institutions are uniquely effective at stabilising nations. When properly configured and supported, British institutions – such as the BBC, British Council, universities and museums – can provide mediation in some of the most socially, culturally and economically fragmented parts of the world. But this current and potential impact is not fully recognised by the UK. […]

Regional manufacturing and the Industrial Strategy, with Iain Wright MP

As the place dimension of industrial strategy comes into clearer view, we aim to develop a picture of the different models of growth that will suit different parts of the country, backed up by predictable and strong national regulation. Our focus is particularly relevant for industries with multiple sites across the UK, many in non-urban […]

The Case for Community Pharmacy, with the Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP

A rising demand for healthcare services, combined with an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of chronic ailments like diabetes, is stretching the capacity of NHS England. At the same time, pressures on central and local health budgets have restricted the ability to train, hire and retain enough doctors and nurses to meet the country's […]