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Tackling Air Pollution – A national and local approach, with Neil Parish MP

2nd February 2017
  • ResPublica

A select committee report earlier this year confirmed that we are facing a ‘public health emergency’ because of poor air quality. Air pollution is contributing to around 40-50,000 early deaths a year in the UK, and the growth in respiratory problems is placing significant pressures on the NHS. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) – an air pollutant emitted from diesel vehicles, and closely linked to respiratory problems – is the primary culprit, and the recent ruling by the High Court has underlined the need for progress.

This project will take a fresh look at how national and local government can combat air pollution, and the levers that both can pull to radically reduce NO2 emissions. It will build on the existing government policy introduced in this area, such as clean air zones. Drawing in three different cities in England as case studies, it will assess how each city or city region is seeking to improve local air quality, and where opportunities may lie to more closely integrate this priority into regional strategy and transport policy.

We will be joined by Neil Parish MP, Chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, at our roundtable, which will draw on ResPublica’s work with cities and on city-based devolution, and feed into its wider programme of activity on industrial policy in the UK.

To find out more about the project associated with this event please contact Tom Follett, Policy and Projects Officer, at tom.follett@respublica.org.uk. To request a place at this roundtable please contact our Events team at events@respublica.org.uk.

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