About us

About us

About us

We are an independent non-partisan think tank based in Westminster that seeks to establish a new economic, social and cultural settlement for the United Kingdom. Our interventions in public policy and public debate have been decisive, and our ideas have been adopted by politicians of all parties.

We believe in the common good and the development of real wealth that promotes both social and economic flourishing. To combat the concentration of wealth and power in the UK, we work for the greater distribution of agency and ownership. In order to heal the country’s social wounds, we seek the ties that bind and the policy that will rebuild and rectify. To mend our cultural rifts, we work to encourage a recovery of the codes that share virtue and values for all people.


How we achieve it

For the next three years, all of our work – which includes thought leadership and policy innovation, communicated via our reports, events, commentary and multi-media – will be based on our three founding principles: Society, Prosperity and Virtue.

ResPublica receives no core funding, and all of our income comes from our projects. We are proud of our record of transparency, and currently hold an A rating on whofundsyou.org and have been labelled ‘a think tank you can trust’ by Transparify. For more information about our funding, see ResPublica Funding 2015-16

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