Newport: City of Democracy

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Many cities have adopted a ‘city brand’ to appeal to potential investors, visitors and residents. But what makes a city brand successful, and could it work for Newport?

In this report, we set out the case that a “City of Democracy” brand for Newport could not only help achieve the authenticity and inspiration that makes city brands successful, but if followed through with sincerity, could transform democratic life in the city and make Newport a leader in engaging its citizens.

We find that the creation of a Festival of Democracy would give the city a chance to explore and strengthen democratic ideas and processes, making Newport a ‘City of Democracy’ in both name and practice.

  • Mark Morrin

    Principal Research Consultant

    Mark is an experienced policy and research strategist with over 20 years working in partnership with businesses, public bodies, cities and counties to develop successful place-making strategies. Mark has contributed widely to research and policy developments in the UK with...

    Mark Morrin
  • Tom Follett

    Policy and Projects Manager

    Tom manages and delivers projects around place-based policy and devolution, working across both ResPublica’s research and consulting functions. His recent projects include Air Necessities and research for Newport Council’s City of Democracy initiative. Tom’s work has featured in publications ranging...

    Tom Follett