A Manifesto for Britain Leading, not Leaving, Europe

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In partnership with British Influence, ResPublica released its vision of a renewed European Union with Britain at its heart, and we want to know your views on the reforms we need most. Visit www.leadingnotleaving.com to have your say.

The EU Referendum debate has been dominated by negative arguments about costs of staying in or the price of leaving. Without a positive case British case to remain, our EU membership is dangerously at risk; and without a long-term British reimagining of the EU, a vote for the status quo will not end the underlying Euroscepticism that holds Britain back on the international stage.

What is urgently required is a positive case to remain that describes a new vision for Britain in the EU, and crucially a new path for the continent itself. We therefore propose: that Britain decides to lead in the European Union.

This Manifesto sets out a positive case for Britain’s membership of the EU. It outlines 14 policies that will help the UK to flourish within a new, British-led Europe.

  • Phillip Blond


    Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker and social and economic commentator. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and organisations across the world. He founded ResPublica in 2009 and...

    Phillip Blond
  • Peter Wilding

    Peter Wilding is the Founder and Director of British Influence. In 20-years of working in European affairs he has practiced and lectured as a solicitor in EU law, been Head of Media for the Conservative Party in the European Parliament,...

    Peter Wilding