Changing the Debate: The Ideas Redefining Britain

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On Thursday 14 July 2011, ResPublica published a collection of essays which brings together some of the country’s most exciting thinkers to explore the new policies and approaches that will create and deliver the new political settlement.

The publication was formally launched at ResPublica’s Summer Reception, attended by Work and Pensions Minister Lord Freud and Communities and Local Government Minister Greg Clark, who have contributed their own original essays to the collection and who have been at the forefront of advocating radical change in the way that the Government embraces welfare reform and localism.

The other contributors are Rowan Williams, Ed Mayo, Richard Layard, Steve Wyler, John Hayes, Will Hutton, Toby Blume, Roger Scruton, Nat Wei, Diane Coyle, Indy Johar, Joost Beunderman, David Green, Roger Steare, Cliff Prior, Ali Parsa, Margareta Pagano, Zoe Williams and John Milbank, with a foreword from Phillip Blond, Director of ResPublica. The essay topics are wide ranging, from welfare reform, to the Big Society, to driving innovation.

Throughout July and August 2011, ResPublica will be publishing chapters from the collection on The Disraeli Room blog, encouraging other thinkers, politicians and members of the public to join the debate and contribute to the development of ideas.