Asset Building for Children with Disabilities

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ResPublica’s final report of the summer was launched on Thursday 21st July 2011, at a stakeholder roundtable hosted by the British Bankers’ Association and attended by a number of policy experts, finance providers and financial inclusion groups.

Building on a previous publication by ResPublica, Asset Building for Children, the report, produced in partnership with Scope, provides a fresh and much-needed contribution to debates on disability poverty, bringing to light new and innovative ideas as to how assets and savings can better the life chances of disabled children and make them more independent as adults. Its recommendations are aimed at improving disabled children’s financial resilience, smoothing the transition into adulthood, and improving the opportunities for young disabled people to realise their potential.  It calls for the financial services industry to develop products that:

  • Allow flexibility – for e.g. short notice withdrawals without penalty,
  • Incentivise savings with no impact on means tested benefits,
  • Have businesses make gift in kind contributions – if customers spend a disproportionate amount on their services e.g. discounted utility bills,
  • Incorporate robust financial management information and advice.
  • Sandra Gruescu

    Contributing Author

    Dr Sandra Gruescu led ResPublica’s work around children and families policy from January 2010 until August 2011.  She co-authored ‘Asset Building for Children’ with Phillip Blond, published in Autumn 2010. She was previously a senior research fellow at the Social...

    Sandra Gruescu
  • Samuel Middleton

    Samuel Middleton was researcher at ResPublica from its foundation in 2009 until May 2011. His interests lie in strategic communications, technology and the convergence of web and mobile, group psychology and social enterprise. He co-authored the report “Digital Giving” with...

    Samuel Middleton