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Our People

ResPublica brings together the brightest and best through its network of staff, advisers and associates to deliver radical insights and policy innovation across all areas of UK policy.

Our People

The Team

  • Phillip Blond


    Phillip Blond

    Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker and social and economic commentator. He bridges the gap between politics and practice, offering strategic consultation and policy formation to governments, businesses and...

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  • Caroline Julian

    Deputy Director: Head of Policy and Strategy

    Caroline Julian

    Caroline is Head of Policy Programmes at ResPublica, and heads up the think tank’s Society Programme. Since joining the organisation shortly after the 2010 General Election, Caroline has led...

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  • Adam Wildman

    Principal Research Consultant

    Adam Wildman

    Adam originally joined ResPublica as a Research Manager in  2013 and rejoined in 2016 as a Principal Research Consultant. He mostly co-ordinates ResPublica’s research output on business and the economy....

  • Mark Morrin

    Principal Research Consultant

    Mark Morrin

    Mark is ResPublica’s Localism Lead. He will be focusing on our new projects and workstreams, working in partnership with city-regions, to radicalise the localism agenda and realise a new vision...

  • Duncan Sim

    Policy and Projects Manager

    Duncan Sim

    Duncan joined ResPublica in September 2014. He graduated from Oxford University (Keble College) in July 2014 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), where his studies focused on...

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  • Edward Douglas

    Senior Policy and Projects Officer

    Edward Douglas

    Edward joined ResPublica in May 2015 as Policy and Projects Officer, having previously worked in Parliament as a Parliamentary Assistant to an MP. His policy interests include housing, manufacturing and...

  • Mark Heffernan

    External Affairs Manager

    Mark Heffernan

    Mark joined ResPublica in June 2015, having completed an MSc in Public Policy from University College London. His studies focused on transparency and accountability, particularly in the British Party Funding...

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  • Oruj Defoite

    Head of Media

    Oruj Defoite

    Oruj Defoite is our Head of Media. Since joining the organisation in 2014, she has designed and implemented our media strategy. Through her journalism experience and knowledge of the media...

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  • William Kløverød Griffiths

    Policy and Projects Officer

    William Kløverød Griffiths

    William joined ResPublica in September 2015, having completed an MSc in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, where he focused on ethics and moral reasons for action. Before this he...

  • Matthew Cheadle

    Deputy Director: Head of Business Development

    Matthew Cheadle

    Matthew joined ResPublica in October 2015 as joint Deputy Director; he co-ordinates our business development activities. These include corporate engagement, donations to research programmes, sponsorship of events and reports and...

  • Tom Follett

    Policy & Projects Officer

    Tom Follett

    Tom works on the devolution project within the Society workstream, having joined ResPublica in  November 2015. His research focuses on the changing powers available to cities and regions, and how...

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  • Vanessa Schneider

    External Affairs Officer

    Vanessa Schneider

    Vanessa joined ResPublica in April 2016, after working in Events in the charity sector. Previously she studied Politics with Media at the University of East Anglia. She has an interest...

  • Max Wind-Cowie

    Deputy Director: ResPublica North

    As Deputy Director for ResPublica North, Max has day-to-day responsibility for ResPublica North and for our True North Forum. Max Wind-Cowie has worked in policy development for over a decade,...

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