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Jobs at ResPublica

Jobs at ResPublica

Job Postings

  • Head of Prosperity Programme

    16th February 2015

    • ResPublica

    Salary: £35,000 – £45,000, dependent on experience Closing date: 6 March 2015 ResPublica is seeking a self-starting individual to lead its new Prosperity Programme. The Head of Prosperity Programme will be responsible for managing the Prosperity Programme’s strategy and projects, ranging from research and policy documents through to events and media appearances.

  • Research Associate – Virtuous Practice in our Professions

    16th February 2015

    • ResPublica

    ResPublica is looking to recruit a research associate to collaborate on an upcoming report. The ideal candidate will be someone with a background in virtue ethics, management theory or one or more of the three professions that will be addressed.

  • Research Associate – Local Planning, Good Design and Community Empowerment

    11th February 2015

    • ResPublica

    Deadline for applications: 6th March 2015 Project fees will be negotiated with the successful candidate ResPublica is looking to recruit a research associate to collaborate on an upcoming project on the re-introduction of beauty and good design into public policy, with particular regard to community and neighbourhood planning.

  • Research Associate – Manufacturing

    20th January 2015

    • ResPublica

    ResPublica is looking to recruit a research associate to collaborate on an upcoming northern manufacturing project. The project will seek to conduct an in-depth programme of research that will comprehensively assess the current state and needs of manufacturing in the UK, and the cultural, financial and local obstacles to extending the success of our advanced manufacturing sectors to their local economic environments and supply chains in order to create regional areas of excellence.

  • Research Associate – Housing & Planning

    15th December 2014

    • ResPublica

    ResPublica is looking to recruit a research associate to collaborate on an upcoming housing and planning project. The project will seek to provide solutions to the barriers faced in the delivery, funding and planning of new homes by creating a new institution that can bring together conflicting interests in the house building process.

  • Research Associates

    6th November 2014

    • ResPublica

    Multiple disciplines, freelance/contract basis

    ResPublica is seeking to recruit a pool of talented research associates to collaborate on a freelance/contract basis on projects throughout 2015. Research Associates will work within one or more of workstreams, outlined on ‘Our Work’, which are underpinned by our founding principles – Society, Prosperity, Virtue.

  • Research & Events Assistants

    13th January 2014

    • ResPublica

    Voluntary basis, with review after 3 months

    ResPublica, an independent, non-partisan think tank, is seeking an intern to join our dynamic and expanding team. Voluntary Research and Events Assistants play a pivotal role in supporting the busy research team on a wide range of policy areas.

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