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Vocational Banking: Restoring trust and confidence in financial services

28th May 2015

On the 28th May 2015, ResPublica hosted a breakfast panel session entitled Vocational Banking: Restoring trust and confidence in financial services.

Featuring a keynote speech from Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, the event builds on the success of ResPublica’s report Virtuous Banking, discussing the ways in which we can begin to renew banking culture based on the concept of vocation and personal responsibility, and the benefits this can bring to both industry and consumer.

Press interest in the event was significant, with coverage featuring in the FTCity AMReuters, the WSJ, the FT Adviser and BBC Radio 2.

Our expert panel:

  • Alison Cottrell, CEO, Banking Standards Board
  • Chris Jolly, Chairman, CivilisedInvestments
  • Sharon Bowles, Non-Executive Director, London Stock Exchange.

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1 comment on “Vocational Banking: Restoring trust and confidence in financial services”

  1. Linda Arch says:

    Anthony Sampson in his 1962 book, ‘Anatomy of Britain’, said this about bankers:
    “In their dedication, their lack of greed, and their sense of quiet service, the joint stock bankers provide a placid, safe centre to financial Britain: one can no more imagine a bank going bust than the monarchy falling.”
    Anatomy of Britain, (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1962), p. 375.

    As part of renewing the profession of banking, it might be a good idea for bankers, as part of their training and continuing professional development, to learn about the history of banking, and the history of financial and banking crises.

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