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The Future of Place-Based Devolution in England

21st October 2020
  • ResPublica


The event will aim to be a high-level discussion on the future of place-based devolution in England.

Despite most large metro-regions in England having secured devolution deals, central government has failed to deliver radical reform at the pace and scale required. Many places including mid-sized cities, districts, and counties have been left behind.

We would like to discuss what needs to happen next. What form of devolution is most optimal for the country? If we are to reboot devolution, what should this look like? What is the future for localism, post-Covid? Will we witness a rowing back on devolved powers, as the central state takes a firmer grip on our national finances? Can we expect large scale urban flight and a retreat from a city-based model of economic development and place-making?

Speaker line-up:

  • Phillip Blond, ResPublica (Chair)
  • Mayor Tim Bowles, West of England
  • Cllr. John Fuller, DCN
  • Bruce Katz, Co-founder, New Localism
  • Prof. Tony Travers, LSE
  • Cllr. David Williams, CCN

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