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Revisiting family policy

14th June 2021
  • ResPublica

Conservative anti-poverty month | Online Conference

ResPublica, with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, are organising an online anti-poverty conference with Conservative MPs and prominent academics in June, with five panels spread over four weeks.

The Conference will aim to platform and discuss centre-right ideas for tackling, ameliorating, and possibly ending the different types of poverty that continue to blight the country.

The third of the five panels on Revisiting family policy was held on 14th June:

Speakers and key talking points

Dr Samantha Callan, Parliamentary Advisor, House of Lords (Chair)

Katie Schmuecker, Deputy Director of Policy and Partnerships JRF
Trends and key issues of family poverty

Miriam Cates MP
Family hubs, family tax, and the problems with overuse of childcare in early years

Baron James O’Shaughnessy
Findings from the social capital work

Dr Tina Haux, Director, Centre for Children and Families, Natcen
Natcen findings and inequality attitudes

The themes of the five panels are:

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