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Our 2018 Conservative Party Conference fringe programme in one place

3rd October 2018
  • ResPublica

The venue for all of our events in 2018 is the Library of Birmingham.

Sunday 30th September

17.45-19.00 – 2020 Conservatives Group hosted by ResPublica

A vision and policy Programme for Britain Beyond Brexit


Monday 1st October

15.45-17.00 – Devo London: What policies does London need to succeed?

15.45-17.00 – Fixed Odds Betting Terminals: The costs of delaying the £2 stake reduction

17.45-19.00 – The New and the Lost Conservative Voters: How can the party get a majority?

17.45-19.00 – Knife, acid and scooter crime: What can be done?


Tuesday 2nd October

12.45-14.00 – The North is on the rise: What more does it need?

15.45-17.00 – Who’s in charge? Regulating English football for the good of the game

17.45-19.00 – What do automation and AI mean for the future of work?

17.45-19.00 – Backing Beauty: What should our towns and cities look like in the future?

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