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The northern revolution conference

3rd July 2014
  • ResPublica

Bridging the gap


The North’s major cities have enjoyed an incredible renaissance during the past decade, and despite the challenging economic environment of recent years, they continue to make huge progress.

Despite all the progress made, the investment won, and the impressive physical regeneration that has taken place, there still remains a chasm between prosperity in the North and the South of England.

The BBC programme hosted by Evan Davis recently ‘Mind the Gap’ confirmed that London is creating a fifth of Britain’s income and is pulling away from the rest of the country. What can be done to begin to redress the balance?


Following the success of last year’s inaugural Northern Revolution conference at Media City, which attracted a huge amount of interest and media coverage, Downtown is continuing this important debate and discussion.

With ‘the age of austerity’ likely to go on for some time, public finances tight, and no end in sight to Westminster’s unhealthy obsession with London, what can Northern cities do to build on the relative success they have enjoyed, and accelerate transformation and economic growth?

Would a ‘super city’ of the north be a possible answer? Should we simply allow London to continue its growth and find faster ways of getting in and out of the capital? Does the North need a Boris?

The Northern Revolution 2 is a half day conference that will bring together leading decision makers, academics and entrepreneurs to discuss and debate these fascinating questions – and more importantly give you an opportunity to contribute to a debate that is likely to be central to business and political discussion in the run up to the next election.


Connecting the cities of the North- Could it work? Sir Howard Bernstein talks to Michael Taylor about the possibility of creating a Northern ‘super city’. Is it myth or potential reality?

Enterprise North: Three leading entrepreneurs tell their story of success and explain why the North of England is a great place to do business

Should we declare UDI? Wales has an independent Assembly, whilst Scotland is looking to detach itself from the UK altogether in a referendum later this year. Do we need a Northern As­sembly and is London friend or foe?

HS3 – and connecting the North of England: The building of HS2 needs to be accelerated so we can get on with connecting the North more effectively. What other infrastructure projects could network the North better?


The half day conference will attract an audience of 100 plus from across the region, with leading academics, decision makers, and entrepreneurs and business leaders from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester in attendance.

For further details please contact frank.mckenna@downtowninbusiness.com or visit bit.ly/1lhCi9A


Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive, Manchester City Council
Johnathon Reynolds MP, MP for Stalybridge
Neil McInroy, CLES
Phillip Blond, ResRepublica
Terry Christian, Radio Presenter
Ajaz Ahmed, ex Freeserve / LCF Law
Liz Hunter, Transport Strategy Manager (Leeds CC)
Mumtaz Bashir, MD Women International Collaborate Co Ltd.

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