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27th May 2013
  • ResPublica

ResPublica Director Phillip Blond to speak at the philosophy and music festival at Hay

HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, will this year be held between 23rd May and 2nd June.

ResPublica’s Director, Phillip Blond, will be speaking at three events on Monday 27th May.

12.00pm – Politics, Power, and Religion

From the divine right of kings to the Protestant work ethic and the exporting of Christianity, religion has played a key role in the growth of European power. Is turning away from our religious heritage a political mistake, or would embracing it mean a return to a pre-Enlightenment age?

ResPublica director Phillip Blond, LSE philosopher Simon Glendinning and sociologist Linda Woodhead debate the political impact and value of religion.

2.30pm – The Big Bad Wolf

When corporations arrive in a country, governments celebrate, for jobs, security and wealth will surely follow. But is Corporate influence in fact a threat to democracy and a healthy economy? Should nations collaborate to break up monopolies and tighten taxation or would this stifle innovation and leave us all the poorer?

Leading economic commentator Anatole Kaletsky, ResPublica director and ‘Red Tory’ Phillip Blond and Marxist political theorist Alex Callinicos put global capitalism on trial.

5.00pm – The Future of Politics

Founder of the Red Tory movement and Director of think-tank ResPublica Phillip Blond envisages a new politics.

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