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Europe of Tomorrow: The new way of thinking

22nd January 2013
  • ResPublica

ResPublica Director Phillip Blond at the Vienna Congress com·sult 2013

Held on the 22nd January 2013, the 10th Vienna Congress com.sult will bring together prominent figures to discuss future-relevant topics, and form a highly attractive network of executives and decision-makers. The Congress will discuss the issue of how to create a new way of thinking with the objective to overcome impediments to reforms and taking right decisions while competing for the brightest minds and tomorrow’s products. The multifaceted agenda including panel discussions and workshops with experts offers a wealth of topics and is the ideal meeting place for managers, consultants and the media.

ResPublica Director Phillip Blond will be giving a keynote speech at 11am.

Phillip Blond stated:

We have to restructure Europe in a way that will allow us to deal with the region’s divergent economic development and competitiveness. Centralised reforms will compound rather than address the problem because they will further penalise those countries at the periphery of Europe’s economy and make it even more impossible to tackle the capital and trade imbalances that lie behind the current crisis. A one-size-fits- all approach to the euro crisis will only lead to anti-European populism and a political revolt against the centre. Instead, we need to give countries the ability to be responsible for themselves again.

Other speakers include H.S.H. Prince Hans- Adam II of Liechtenstein, President Václav Klaus, Jerzy Buzek, Nabeel Shaath, Jan Zielonka and many more.

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