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Digital currencies: Will regulation stifle innovation? with Steve Baker MP & Adam Afriyie MP

9th February 2015
  • ResPublica
In the wake of the financial crisis, the world of finance has seen the rapid growth of digital currencies. Offering a payment service that is quick, cheap and convenient, their popularity has risen as people look for alternatives to our mainstream financial institutions.As innovative digital currencies have begun to break into the mainstream monetary system, the question of regulation is being debated by policy-makers. The Chancellor recently hailed digital currencies as a way to turn Britain into a ‘global centre of financial innovation’ and, with the Treasury recently closing a consultation, the Government has made its intentions clear.
To debate whether the regulation of digital currencies will stifle innovation, ResPublica is hosting a pop-up policy event that will hear from Steve Baker MP, Member of the Treasury Select Committee, who has called on the government to move away from new regulations for digital currencies, and from Adam Afriyie MP, who has made the case for firm but light regulation in order for Britain to lead in the digital currency boom.
ResPublica welcomes you to join the debate and discuss what shape, if any, a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in Britain should take. If you would like to attend this event, please sign up via the registration page.
For more information and the opportunity to partner with ResPublica on this event, please contact Michaela Costello, Head of Prosperity Programme michaela.costello@respublica.org.uk or 0207 222 6552
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